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Had i of stayed tighter to Noreen maybe she’d still be alive and if i hadn’t of stayed so tight to slats she’d be alive. And Pops, he’s gone too now and I got the house and I found 23 thou in one of Moms old hatboxes. I cleaned out my apt. when I moved into Pops’ place and I found another 6 thou there. Took the dough and got some guys putting up a shed out at NuNu’s. Half for me and half for that poor mumbler thats been squatting in the weeds by the river all this time. NuNu loved that Scuffle for some reason and I for one am sick of being the angel of death for so many people. I got it figgered – Slats, the Boss, Noreen, the two stooges that were with her when she went, other assorted assholes. I was part and parcel someway to all their demise. Even Pops in a way, but all kids kill the parents.

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