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Noreen has gone off

January 14, 2008

I think I was 17 when it all happened. No, had to be 18, cause they tried me as an adult, but I fell into the minor category cause Pops got me a good lawyer who hooked it to a minor offense from a driving thing the year before. Whatever but I only did 18 months, no drugs, no priors. As I say, Pops got me a good lawyer. Good they didn’t take blood back then or check my arms. I might still be under the jail somewhere. I had gone to Mrs Matthews to pick up Noreen like any other friday night to go eat and go the movies or something and she wasn’t there. “Paul, she went with some young fellow I haven’t seen before, but between us, this is not the first time Noreen has gone off with some one else.” “No…..” I could feel my mouth sitting open. “Yes, Paul. You need to know” She is a good girl as far as that goes, but you’re not the only one who comes by to pick her up.” The kid started to heat up and get red. Mrs. Matthews saw that right off. “She is using drugs Paul”. Fuck me, like I didn’t? Like everyone we knew didn’t ? Poor Mrs. Matthews. She shoulda been. 

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