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But Godammit, look at her….

December 29, 2007

When she finally come down I could see even in that dusky light that Noreen was pinned. Wasn’t like her to not at least offer me a taste, ‘cept she knew I had a fight in a couple months and was weaning off. That must have been it. Hard to say how long she had been loaded but at least now I knew why it took her so long to get ready. That exact second Miss Matthews turned on the porch light and I could really see how fucked up she was. Holdin a burned out butt and saggy face muscles, my Irish baby was a fuckin mess. Was right then I knew I cared about her a lot. More than the others, no matter how good a fuckin I got or how much money they had. Also I knew the truth that maybe I was kinda responsible for lettin her get this far by not being stronger to her and lettin her get close to Stewie. I almost hated Al for even introducing me to her at Blowhard’s Bar just cause I asked about her. But Godammit, look at her. That porch light dancing off her jet black hair and the skin like a piece of flawless white china and the deep blue eyes. Even fucked up to the max and standin on the gritty stoop, I woulda dropped to my knees and kissed her Converse if she asked.  ” What the fuck ya starin’ at Pooch….lets’ split.” is what she said. Fuck it man, I was in love and didn’t even know. 

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