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like a Mary statue

November 20, 2007

Noreen’s little room was hot as hell in that summer we were hanging out. Was only a few months but tightly packed with stuff a guy never forgets. Not that I never had it better, but up to then I never had it so good. We would screw desperately and the sweat made a slick spot on our stomachs, us, riding up and back. The windows faced the afternoon sun and in the night you saw the harbor and lights and got the smells and breeze when it happened. She rented from a lady a couple avenues over from Pops. Her landlady and I shared some beer on her stoop once. I asked how long she lived in the house. 
” Awhile….I’m old now. I was young when I got it from my sister, and I have held on to it”. She watched me flick my butt out into the street. I felt how hard she was staring at me and my face got red as I remember. Kid on a bike ran the butt over and red-orange sparks swirled and scattered. Night was almost completely arrived and I was ready to eat.
” Noreen is a sweet girl, isn’t she”? sez she and finishes her cup.
“What I seen so far is pretty damn sweet. I hope it holds out”. I knew she was chuckling quiet cause her chest and belly were jumping up and down.
“Too sweet a flower to live long in this world, I’m sorry to say”. I did not like this, hearing this.
“Think so”? The kid was a bit put out.
“Know so. You don’t live to get old being sweet…or stupid”. 
“Noreen ain’t stupid”.
“No, she is by no means stupid, she is clever young girl, but maybe just too….clean. It’s a dirty old world and we have to get down and dirty some ways to stay in it.” She had taken out a toothpick and was fishing a scrap out of her back teeth. I’m sulky.
” I do not think Noreen has down and dirty in her.” Scrap got spit out. “She is too sweet”.
“Maybe I can teach her some things”, sez I. Miss Matthews, which was what she called herself, laughed out loud at this one, swept her lap clean, and got up grabbing, our cups.
” You’re already trying it sounds like, sometimes twice a day…God, I do miss my sex”. All the way standing now she looked down on me and smiled. Looked like a Mary statue or corny ceiling painting from St Cecilias.
“Paul, that meanness in you is what’s going to keep you alive. Give me an angry one every time…they try to knock the bottom out. You can’t teach her that mean, nor how to lie or punch or any of it”.
Miss Matthews turned and went in calling ” Noreen, your Man’s been waiting fifteen minutes”!


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