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the little skirt

October 31, 2007

She is not Anne-Marie now, she is Slats. Same one shot dope with Joey, stole his money, and dissed his Ma. Same one gave me puss in a filthy basement and wiped her snatch dry with another womans’ underwear. Same one just cracked my old partners back while he’s half passed out on a tile floor, and told him he couldn’t even fuck right, as if there’s a right way. One in the same as Rudy had called Slats for so long. Risin up on those shapely pins, smoothin out the little skirt and adjusting her shiney top, she hits me with the sideways grin, the one that always got me. She turns and I turn the other way. I’ll be beatin feet the opposite direction, on out the back and into the alley, thanks. I had not done anything illegal so far, so I am out. Couldn’t have been four, five minutes since the Boss grabbed the pistol off the table and all the shit went down….Time enough for the world to turn. I’m walkin fast and I feel a burn in my shoulder then a loud boom. Felt it before I heard it. Bitch shot me.

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