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gettin goo-goo

October 31, 2007

” Lets go, Pooch…I’m hungry”.
And like that she turns for the door headed out. I wipe any possible prints off the .380 using the Boss’s suit coat, drop said gun in the blood puddle and walk. Not like I’m goin cause she says to go, it’s TIME to go. Fuck, this place is a shit-storm. Anne-Marie is waiting with her back to me. Boss has quieted down, probably comatose from blood loss and pain by now, but Rude is starting to wiggle. I look down. Anne-marie turns and moves over to him and kneels down on his spine, gatherin up that little skirt she’s wearin, and leaning in right above his ear. I hear the wind rush out of his chest when she leans. I see her panties and her inner thighs. No way she planned this – this is who she is – all live, all real. This ain’t no showboat.
” Rudy, you’re a bum fuck”, she says, “I think you need to go somewhere and practice. Wait for my call so you can take another shot at hittin the spot, know what I mean?” She begins to get up, her hand pushing down on the back of his melon. Then there’s the rush of air noise again. A crack in his backbone happens somewhere as she re-kneels. More panties, they’re red. Oh, man. She was nicer on the shit, now she’s plain tough.
“Don’t call us, we’ll call you. By the way, if you happen to scrape together a quarter and call and bother me again, I’m gonna have somebody fuck you up. Don’t worry, it won’t be Paul here, he’ll be busy givin’ me plenty of the good thang”. Thang….I’m havin a really tough time not getting goo-goo on the woman. Thang. Fuckin’ great.

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