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little Slats

October 29, 2007

Sez I, ” So now what, Anne-Marie”?
” I got self-pride, Paulie, which I doubt you believe. The look you gave me out front woulda etched a line in a windowpane”. I don’t deserve that shit”.
” You looked happy as hell out there with Rudy beside you, and him yammering away”. I said this as I was getting to my feet, dusting off the shit. She put down what was left of the chair very carefully since I had not taken my eyes off her and I stlll held the pistol. Not stupid, little Slats, been around. Joey taught her some tricks. Now she says ;
“There’s a reason Rudy held his tongue most the time then obviously. When he opens his mouth he gets himself and everybody around him into shit”. I’d marry that doofus?…in Pigs’ eye”. She was moving closer, giving out with the grin. Pops flashed in my mind. I moved the gun slightly and she stopped right away. I got it right then, and I knew I got it.
” I didn’t hear you arguing when he said it”. I sez. From her, nothing, no reaction at all.
Boss gave out with another mewl of discomfort, which I myself would have done. The fat fuck was now leakin from two holes and building up what would no doubt turn out to be a very slippery puddle. Nothin life threatening if somebody patched him up soon.
” So what about your uncle ding-dong here”?
” That guy is NOT my uncle…” NOW she’s upset, I see.

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