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I am Marie Antoinette

October 19, 2007

I’m still crouched behind the Boss, there’s smoke and stench all around, I’m waitin’ for the next cap to pop when I see the .380 on the floor amidst the bloody splinters. I gotta see what’s happening by the door before I reach at the gun, but before I peek around this fat fuck and his tree-trunk legs, Boss starts to totter and let out little kitty-cat mews of pain and surprise. Took long enough. He’s givin out at the knees and my head is the most likely candidate for cushioning the drop. I see a guillotine of ass-cheeks and I am Marie Antoinette. No, Baby, not the pooch, not today. At this exact moment I hear a crash near the door. I figure fuck it….either I’m gettin’ shot or I’m gettin’ crushed….I go for shot…It’ll make for better stories in jail. I let him go and heave myself towards the pistol, sliding for home face-first.

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