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no one significant

September 6, 2007

The Boss looks up at me slowly. The prick is on fire. Seeing my eyes, and reading the message in there, all the stuff I know that he didn’t know I knew, the whole shit-a-ree, he chills.
” You don’t want the gift, Paulie”? I’m deciding which way to go with this, but I do not wish to hesitate too long, so…
” You been good to me, and I been good to you, all respect….I don’t mind the gift, but I wonder if there is something attached to it. Like something you would like done with this…tool. It is a tool, and to be used in a particular way, I think, no” ?
” You are very much like your Grandfather. Very much like the old man, NuNu. You remember him, Pooch”?
Now different names, and this meant that he was now talking to someone else? A baby, one of the grandchildren….no one significant…..just a child.
But I am not a child. I put away the things of a child long, long ago. Why does he put me at the kids’ table? He knows I am a Man. He tries to get me even more pissed. He is succeeding.
” I remember him well……do you? Or do you just remember the funny name? Like Poochie, or the Junkyard Dog”?

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