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So here I am…

July 16, 2007

I’m miffed. Thats what Moms said if it wasn’t enough to yell about, but enough to clench her jaw, she was miffed. So I’m fuckin’ miffed. Not the kind of term I would regularly employ, but here, it is definitely on time. Rude says he ain’t coming but here he is, and with Slats, the girl he called every dirty bitch you could think of sitting next to him like He’s fuckin’ heir to the Throne. And she’s his Fiance now? Fuck me runnin. I had to admit she was looking pretty fine with her hair all brushed and shiny, with something on her bones and a little paint on the mug. It is not like I am in love with this skank, but she did ring my bell, and plus we had some laughs, which, in a tough life, is hard to come by sometimes. I mean we really chuckled, and laughed together, which is something. It does not happen every day. Fuck it.
Then theres my buddy Rudy. Would not say shit if he had a mouthful, and now I’m getting that there is maybe more than one side to this tight-lipped thing. I see it is more like a strategy than a personality trait. This fucker has an agenda like they say.
So here I am, miffed, in front of the Bosses place and I gotta go inside wearing the game face, but I’ll be fucked before I try to make that fuck laugh. I am really mifffed and in almost every way you can think of. Ain’t this some shit? Slats is this fat bastards’ neice. I am rapidly moving from miffed to flat out pissed off. It is not good when the kid gets pissed.

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