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The Junkyard Dog

March 20, 2007

My Dad phoned about ten and said he was in the city and was going to his pal Sammys’ house and to meet him there at ten. Pop was loosing his marbles. “The Junkyard Dog” he was.Right after ‘Nam he come home pretty pissed off, and was getting into bar squabbles, hurting guys bad. One of the street soldiers crossed him up in the bar at Provenzas’ Pasta on a Friday afternoon. So much for the street soldier. Pop got “called in”, and they started him fighting light-heavyweight on cards in Jersey and Philly and such. He did very well and was known as a guy could really take a punch, and gave a good show and basically worried his opponents to death. Lots of punches and blood, the shit a crowd will pay to see. He was a money maker.He got the nickname from his style and the fact that his own Dad had run a little scrap business around the Borough. Granpa had done OK, but disappeared just before Pop went to basic training. There were rumors, and Gramma got a fat envelope at the Funeral, but it had been a pretty murky deal. This was one of the reasons that he threw the guy such a beating in Provenzas’ that friday. That guy was Sammy, who turned out to be Pops’ best friend and one of his corner guys in a lot of matches. My neighborhood ain’t ancient Rome.

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