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Money and Snotty Teardrops

February 3, 2007

Anyway, so Slats and Ragoosa exit the bank, and we move in, take them both by their skinny arms and steer them towards Rudy’s Buick.”It’s collection day Joe, you ready to shit out the dough”? Rude wastes no words. I took the box from Slats. She didn’t look up and she didn’t resist, she knows better. This was business. Joey saw me take the ratty looking parcel and his eyes got wide. He wiped his nose with that slouchy move the Junkies have.” Thats’ for my Gramma” Joey says, somewhat offhandedly, hoping that we fall for it. I let go of Slats, take this asshole away from Rudy and push him over to the the wall. Turning the box over, I push in the flap, rip the side and take out the envelope.” Joey, is there enough here to settle whats owed”?” Pooch, thats my Grammas insurance settlement. She’s expecting it, and she needs it…she aint feeling good, theres doctors…” I give him the look, and he clams up immediately. He knows what comes after the look. He seen me fight all our lives.” Joe, we went to school together, Joe. You picked the wrong side every time. How much”?” More that I owe….C’mon Paulie….”” I’m gonna take all this, and take out what you owe. What’s left I’ll bring to your place later today, okay, Joe? You know I’ll be over. Use some of the cake you got in your pocket and get you two well”.He squinted at me and wiped his nose again. Fucker actually teared up. Junkies.” Marie and me, we’re going to the rehab, and I wanted to have some dough, you know for cigarettes and stuff..but serious, that other was going to Gramma…cuz we’re gonna be off the street awhile, and…”.” Joe…please, everybody has problems. Lets’ not get all personal and shit, ok”?Letting him loose, I go to Rudy and nod. From the side of her face, all at an angle, I get the trace look of the little grin. Then she gives her nose that filthy, palm in wipe, right up the heel of her hand, all the way to the wrist. Ruins the whole grin moment for me. Christ allmighty, sometimes I don’t know what to feel.

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