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Fat Panties

January 31, 2007

When I started up the stairs, I thought maybe I ought to get it straight, just so there wouldn’t be trouble later. I went back down the few steps and Slats was wiping her crotch with a pair of the big undies belonging to the old broad upstairs.”Jeez, what the Fuck”? I was starting to laugh.”I’m doin’ it on purpose. Like she’s gonna notice…even if she does, Fuck her”. Slats just looked at me, she had a mean look, mean as anything, like she could kill.” I want to get something cleared up, before it even starts”.” Pooch…look, we like each other. We got a thing, and you know it. Don’t be an asshole, and don’t ever talk down to me. Also, don’t nut up and embarrass me, and I won’t embarrass you. That good enough for you, guinea boy”? Little grin. Now I’m just fucking laughing out loud.” You’re okay, Marie….you’re a keeper…if I was keepin’ “. Now she’s laughing. We’re in this stank-ass basement, dust and old shit all around, and havin’ probably the best laugh of the week. I liked this gal.” Beat it , sluggo”, she says, turning away and starting to fold the laundry.Back up I go, patting a tough roll in my pocket. past the snoozing sourpuss, and right on out the door. The neighboorhood said hello when I got outside. Fresh bread, kids jokin’, somebody’s uncle smoking on the stoop across the street, a breeze and a bell from the church on the corner.

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