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Slick Ragoosa

December 29, 2006

As I looked up, I saw Joey coming back from a tellers’ window with an envelope. Somehow he got the dough.
“Rude, lookit this”. Rudy looked into the bank, and we watched as Joey slid over to Slats at the desk. He had snuck some bills out of the envelope on the way and put them in his jeans. His pal was none the wiser, being too busy trying to look normal, while her eyeballs and nose were busy leaking at the same rate of speed. Joey came to the desk and put the envelope on the glass top. Like a flash, Slats put the Christmas box she was still holding on top of the envelope, and when they turned to split, the envelope was gone.
Rudy got a rise out of that and said, “My aunt May used that same dodge, the false-bottomed box”. “Fuck that”, I said, I am amazed the slut ain’t jonesin’ so bad she didn’t screw up the pass”. We both laughed and moved to the door to give our prey the elbow soon as they came out.

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