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Love in bloom

December 25, 2006

I didn’t give a fuck about the guy, he owed and he had to pay.We saw him going into the bank and I followed him and the skank inside. Rudy called her ‘slats’ but she was right up my alley. Tiny, skinny and homely. No tits, flanky ass, plain face and ready for sin. Her type always is. Her beau was Joey Regoosa. Low life junky. Rudy said nothing, just watched.
She put a box wrapped in christmas paper and a small leather pouch-like thing on the counter where numb-nuts was filling out a withdrawal slip. I eased over picked up the pouch and when Slats started to say something, I looked her in the eye and said “shut the fuck up, bitch”. The pouch was light and made no noise when I shook it. Stash,no doubt, right out in the open. This whore must have thought she was bullet-proof and Teflon. A true idiot. Look at the company she kept.
Numb-nuts was high. When he recognized me he said zip, and went back to copying an account number from a scrap of paper onto the withdrawal slip. He had on smeary 10$ sunglasses and a stained cowboy shirt, and looked like he combed his hair with a bath-mat. Fucking scabby bastards, the pair of ’em.

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