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salt sex soot

October 25, 2006

It begins with the morning shush of traffic far away. On the freeway, the rail line, in the ether, at the airport. Three hundred years ago, it is the waves on the shore, waiting to be fished.
I’ve known this grey noise all my life. It’s always there in the morning. Is it awake ahead of me, or is it there because I hear it. The auditory soot pours into the air.
The day goes on in life’s demand to be lived. The battle with sugar,salt and sex, refutations of video billboard brainwashing, answering the phone and looking for healthy alternatives. I wouldn’t need the healthy alternative if life were healthy to already.
Inscrutable glances vascillate between interest, and hostility, fear in a mask. Do they like me, do they hate me, why do I care. How much does it drain my spirit not to care. How much soul do I have left, how many heartbreaks can anyone endure, why is my heart broken by life’s simple demand to be lived. Where or what is my heart. Why do I care.

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