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Involuntary Manslaughter…..

May 17, 2006

Being the one to tell her that her Daddy spent eleven years in prison was a big surprise for me. Shit, he went in right after the second war. Where had she been until now? At a family reunion, family talk comes up, but mostly about the dead because the ones still living are there to defend themselves, and that can get ugly.
During a drawn out conversation about Granddaddy was when it was told. We were on the 10th floor deck of a time-share, on a moonless, muggy Gulf Shores night. That was the place where I stuck my foot so far into my mouth, Momma had to come pull it out.
” Is that true”?, she asked, on the verge of incredulity.
” Go ask your sister” says I, her sister being my Mother.

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