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Wings or Whips ?

May 17, 2006

Petitioning for redress from centuries of Christian beliefs is folly. The fear of damnation is no more compelling than the stultifying possibility of eternal salvation. In the first scenario, we are to believe that the prospect of burning forever in the interminable fires of Hades is enough motivation to keep believers on the rosy path, but also sufficient to draw the hitherfore miscreants, apparently happy as hell and having as much fun as imagination can conjure, onto the straight and mending walk.
The latter beliefs posit an eternal series of never-ending blisses, beyond the comprehension level of we corporally bound mortals, attributable to our lack of comprehension of what bliss truly comprises. I have a fair idea of what bliss is, based upon the more lovely experiences of what I think has been a wide and diverse palate of life. Plus, I know what a bad burn feels like and how long it hurts and the length of time a good scalding takes to heal. If it just keeps on burning the more excruciating aspects of frying are removed, since to me the annoying heal-time is taken away.
All this leads me to believe that i would rather deal with the devil I know than to bargain with a heaven I can’t comprehend. What if I don’t like thursdays helping of peace, light, and beauty?

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